Streetopolis moving to Barcelona next

Poster for Streetopolis Barcelona show

Poster for Streetopolis Barcelona show

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Streetopolis show

Association of Urban Photographers/ Streetopolis show is on in New York, moves to Barcelona and then to London in October.

Details Here:

I have 4 images in the show – on Urban Forest I: Paris

Coles_tree_9911-7 22-Edit Coles_tree_9801-7A-Edit 991030-2-16-TGB_Edit Coles_tree_0212205

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Remembering Hurricane Katrina by Peter Coles

Source: Remembering Hurricane Katrina by Peter Coles

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Swifts are back

I saw three swifts screeching overhead in our street this morning.  Just about the same day as for the past few years. Amazing really.

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Stalking the Hardy Ash

I will be leading a photography walk as part of London Tree Week on 29 May, to see the extraordinary Hardy Ash in St Pancras Old Church yard. 150 years ago, the novelist and poet Thomas Hardy was working as an architect’s technician, supervising the removal of gravestones to allow the London and Midlands Railway to come into the new St Pancras station. The gravestones were stacked up  around the trunk of the then young tree, and have since become part of its structure.

The walk is being organised by the Museum of Walking (started by Andrew Stuck), with support from the Mayor of London.

Hardy Ash, London (Infrared)

Hardy Ash, London (Infrared)

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Going, going gone

hampstead heath

120915)11490035_GHP copy_small

20141124-_DSF9587 copy_bw_small

The gradual death of a beech tree in West Heath woods, near to where I live, taken over a span of about 20 years. The trunks were each felled by storms and high winds.

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Movement by The Association of Urban Photographers

Only a few days left…


#UPF2014_Movement_AUP_Exh_PosterThe modern city is a space of movement, flux and flow. Everything changes; sometimes instantly before our eyes, and sometimes almost imperceptibly over time. This year Urban Photographers present Movement, their inaugural exhibition. Association members were invited to respond to the exhibition theme, and there was an expectation that the resulting images would be varied, conceptually diverse, and have a quality of montage rather than a tight, linear flow.

The Association of Urban Photographers is an international group of 30 photographers and artists, all with a shared interest in urban spaces and places. Their work – whether it is about making, publishing or exhibiting photography – asks fundamental questions about the nature of contemporary urban life. Their central concern is to open up discussions about how image-makers and urban researchers can rethink ways of engaging with and encountering the city.

The exhibition is at The Silver Print Gallery, 120…

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